Spicing Up Los Angeles

We Los Angelenos are so lucky to have SpiceStation!  They dish up some of the freshest and most interesting spices, herbs, sugars, salts & teas around.  Jars line the walls just waiting for you.  I found the staff to be most knowledgeable and helpful.  They grind your selections on the spot, to your specifications.  The prices are surprisingly reasonable.  You can even bring in your own containers.

Some of my favorites are the Chile Morita and Urfa Biber.  You may see them listed as ingredients in some of my recipes.  

If you find yourself in the Silverlake or Santa Monica area, be sure to visit.

The Spice Station - Silverlake
3819 West Sunset Blvd., LA CA 90026

The Spice Station - Santa Monica
2305 Main Street, Santa Monica CA 90405

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