Pasta Once Again

As many of the GF peeps know, pasta is one tough food item to give up!  I love homemade noodles and making them for my loved ones is an act of love and torture.  Recently, I had dinner at Osteria Mozza in Hollywood.  A friend had recommended the sausage pasta appetizer which really sounded yummy.  My husband couldn't pass it up and once again I thought bummer.  The waiter, knowledgeable on GF issues (what?!  how did that happen!) offered their GF version using corn pasta.  It was fab!  Naturally I asked for the brand of pasta and the waiter was more than happy to provide.  Rustichella D'Abruzzo corn fusilli is wonderful!  I was blown away to find it online - for $8 a pound!  Plus shipping.  There had to be alternatives.  I now am an avid buyer of DeBoles GF Corn pasta, available at most grocery stores.  Whole Foods just had it on sale, 2 boxes for $4.  What a deal!

Ahhh,  to enjoy pasta once again.  Such pleasure!  Thanks Osteria Mozza~!

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