GF Self to GF Mommy

I've been GF for years now.  Anyone diagnosed with Celiac's Disease as an adult is familiar with the challenges and sometimes trauma of learning to order, cook, shop and enjoy GF foods.  From restaurants to grocery stores, it's a new adventure.  
I now face a new chapter in my GF life - my GF child.   I haven’t wanted to face it.  I didn’t want to subject my little guy to the medical procedure of endoscopy and biopsy.   But with so many symptoms including migraines, we just have to face up to it.  My son has CD. 

Today is his birthday - he is 11 years old.  Old enough to have experienced and know the joys of fresh pasta, a perfect pizza, hamburgers on a bun, and my southern fried chicken.
I fight back tears.  It isn't that eating GF is so difficult for me.  I suppose that I feel somehow responsible, and guilty. I wouldn't wish CD on anyone, certainly not my own child.  I know that there are other moms out there who have faced this new chapter in life.   I wonder – did they shed a few tears as well?

So today, for his birthday, I’m baking a new birthday cake recipe.  A GF flourless chocolate cake.   With fresh berries and whipped cream.
I can do it.  I will do it.  My son will do it.  I just wish that he didn’t have to.

And we will enjoy our GF chocolate cake tonight!

Happy Birthday my beautiful son!  

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