Gluten Free Breakfast Options - Fast & Easy!

As I’ve written previously, breakfast was always a family favorite growing up.  But by high school, I had pretty much given up breakfast.  The heaviness in the pit of my stomach left me feeling lethargic and funky.  I have never since been a regular breakfast eater.  (That is until I started making my own granola!)  Naturally, I married a man whose favorite meal is – yes – breakfast.  He wants bacon, eggs, toast or some variation on bread, juice, tea, the whole thing.  Lucky for me he doesn’t mind making it either.  This seemingly genetic predisposition has been passed on to our kids.  

School days are always a race.  Getting the kids out of bed, dressed, breakfast, lunches packed, teeth…  Whew!  We need some fast and easy solutions to getting it accomplished.  Gluten Free for Breakfast – it’s time I investigate the options for my newly gluten free son! 

Udi’s Plain GF Bagels:  Available in the frozen section of my local Whole Foods and Sprouts.  Although they come pre-sliced, I still need a knife to separate, and they sometimes break.  Oh well, toasted and slathered with cream cheese they are still the best bagel option I’ve found.  I paid $4.99 at Sprouts for them just the other day.  Udi's has coupons available online too!

Kid review:  Awesome!

Van’s Gluten Free Waffles:  Also available in the frozen section of my local Whole Foods, Sprouts and sometimes Von’s.  I love love love the blueberry waffles!  Toasted with butter is my fav way to eat them.  My son loves the blueberry and plain, toasted with maple syrup.

Kid review:  Great!

Parents of GF kids – don’t despair!  There are finally lots of GF products ready in the grocery stores or available online.  I’ll let you know about more products as we try them out!

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