Ahhh, Macarons!

I just love those little scrumptious bites of heaven! Slightly crispy outside, with gooey deliciousness inside.  Not to be confused with coconut macaroons, these are light and airy cookies, filled with ganache, and heavily infused with flavor.  I developed my palate for macarons years ago when working at Patina in Los Angeles.  I would grab them from the dessert cooler when walking through the kitchen – oops!  These are not the simplest to make.  It is most surely an art form. Traditionally gluten free too!

While waiting outside of the Stanton Social Club in NYC for our reserved table (not a personal fav – perhaps I’ll share that sometime!) we noticed this little boutique shop nextdoor – Bisous, Ciao.  A boutique devoted exclusively to the Macaron.

Bisous, Ciao offers a wide array of flavors.  That fateful evening I picked about 6 different ones and devoured them quickly after dinner!  So when my husband told me about a business trip to NYC, first on my mind was a box of macarons!  Really, don’t come home without them.  Good husband that he is (oh how lucky am I!), he brought home a BIG box!  Perfection.  In a moment of insane generosity, I even shared small bites with my boys.

My fav flavors are Dark Chocolate (of course), Espresso, Gianduja, Salted Caramel and Pecan Caramel.   I adore the Lemon macaron which takes me back to the Tart Citron in France, so robust with flavor.  And Sour Cherry too!  For anyone who enjoys the flower flavors, the Rose and Violet are so infused with essence that you have the sensation of the actual flowers surrounding your nose and palate.  Truly a sensational experience!

Bisous, Ciao
101 Stanton Street, New York 10002

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  1. Boy, Carolyne, my mouth is watering!!!